About Counselling

If you are struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety and the impact that it has on your life, counselling can help. You do not need to be in crisis to benefit from counselling. Perhaps you are troubled by a negative self image, feelings of being ‘stuck’ or perhaps suffering from low self esteem. Ongoing concerns such as these can escalate over time if they are bottled up.

If we are lucky, we may have friends and family to turn to when we are struggling emotionally. This can sometimes be very helpful, but talking to a qualified and experience counsellor without bias can be a more effective solution.

Counselling provides a dedicated, non judgemental and confidential space where you can bring your thoughts and issues, and we can work together in partnership. Taking the time to reflect upon thoughts, behaviours and actions is a really positive experience. The goal is to encourage positive changes and enhanced wellbeing.

As a psychodynamically trained counsellor, I can work with you to explore how past relationships and events may have impacted your current mindset. We can reflect upon the way you experience others and the world around you. This can help you to understand unhelpful patterns of behaviour and work towards making positive changes.